2811, 2018

How California Is Changing Palliative Care

The Next Avenue story featured in Forbes. "Although other Medicaid programs may pay for components of palliative care — such as advance care planning — 'California is truly leading in this regard,' says Stacie Sinclair, senior policy manager for the Center to Advance Palliative Care, a national organization. ... The ResolutionCare palliative care team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, care coordinators, a spiritual counselor and community health workers. 'We combine telehealth-based videoconferencing with knock-on-the-door, eat-the-cookies house calls,' says Fratkin. ... 'They’re just fantastic people,' says George Johnson, 60, who lives by himself in Eureka, Calif. and has a number of serious [...]

2811, 2018

Why California is a Hotbed for In-Home Palliative Care

By Tim Mullaney at Home Health Care News, November 27, 2018 "A Medicaid program in California is increasing access to palliative care services in people’s homes. ... 'California is truly leading in this regard,' Stacie Sinclair, senior policy manager for the Center to Advance Palliative Care, told Next Avenue, which is a PBS website. Palliative care provider ResolutionCare, which serves clients in rural northern California, is featured in the article. About 145 of the company’s clients, representing roughly two-thirds of its total customer base, are on Medi-Cal. Many of these people are in their 50s or 60s and are not initially [...]

2711, 2018

How California Is Changing Palliative Care

by Beth Baker at Next Avenue on November 27, 2018: [California's] Medicaid program takes a novel approach for some with life-threatening diseases. "In January, California became the first state to mandate home-based palliative care (care given to improve quality of life for patients with life-threatening diseases) to those in its Medicaid program. In California, that program is called Medi-Cal. ... ... The most important thing though, says Fratkin, is not the savings. 'What we care about is self-reported improvement in quality of life, in well-being, even the possibility of healing, and less drama and insecurity as people move to their death. Those are the [...]

511, 2018

ResolutionCare Portrayals in Months to Years

Dr. Michael Fratkin collaborated with a friend, award winning photographer and journalist Justin Maxon, to produce a project in words and pictures they hope has impact. In addition to being displayed on the Portrayals page here on our website and being produced as a series of limited edition prints, this series has been published in the Fall 2018 edition of Months to Years.

2910, 2018

Doctors Wait to See How CMS’ Opioid Changes Play Out for Patients in Pain

A look at concerns about opioid policies for patients on palliative care by Allison Inserro at AJMC, the American Journal of Managed Care, 4/7/2018 " 'In the absence of thoughtful resources to support substance abuse treatment, pushing the problem underground may make the healthcare system feel a little bit better but it won’t move the bar on reducing the terrible impact of opiate addiction in our society,' said [Dr. Michael] Fratkin." Read the entire article at AJMC.

2010, 2018

An Interview with Carl Magruder on the This Time I Mean It Podcast

Scott ‘Q’ Marcus interviews ResolutionCare Director of Spiritual Support Services on the This Time I Mean It podcast. "Chaplain Magruder, a non-denominational spiritual leader, and Scott, engage in a free-wheeling and long-ranging talk on everything from ‘What is Mortality?’ to ‘Are computers sentient?’" Listen to the podcast here or at This Time I Mean It on the Community Access Project for Eureka website.

1510, 2018

Understanding Palliative Care, Dr. Michael Fratkin: Ep. 29

An interview with Dr. Fratkin by Dr. Bob Uslander of the Integrated MD Care podcast. "In this podcast interview, Dr. Fratkin shares his passion and his intimate experience as a provider of care. He’s innovative; he’s creative, he’s dedicated beyond what I’ve experienced with just about anybody else who I’ve communicated with about palliative care and end-of-life care. I think you’re gonna find this podcast to be incredibly informative and really interesting." Listen to the entire interview at the Integrated MD Care website.

1510, 2018

The talk: Younger brain cancer patients provide a model for patient empowerment

by Renata Khoshroo Louwers at SCOPE, 10/12/18 “In a 55-second video that is both playful and profound, patient advocates Liz Salmi and Charlie Blotnerasked Michael Fratkin, MD, a palliative care doctor they know through their advocacy work, to have 'the talk' with them. “ 'We need to have the talk with you about end of life and brain tumors and steroids and swelling, especially related to other cancers and if this looks the same or not,' Blotner says at the beginning of the video, filmed while they were in the car.” Read Louwers' article about the talk Dr. Fratkin had with Salmi [...]

1210, 2018

Leveraging Telehealth to Support Aging Americans

C-TAC, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, and AHIP, America's Health Insurance Plans, have collaborated to release a summary of information on the benefits of telehealth, particularly for the elderly and seriously ill. They feature ResolutionCare as one of their case studies. "Telehealth has long been viewed as a game-changer for health care service delivery. When fully embraced and executed, telehealth can expand and enhance the delivery of health care services to geographically disadvantaged or underserved populations. ... Beyond promoting remote care that could be provided in the patient’s home, telehealth can also help avoid unnecessary and costly emergent or [...]

1010, 2018

An Interview with Dr. Fratkin on the This Time I Mean It Podcast

Scott 'Q' Marcus interviews Dr. Michael Fratkin on the This Time I Mean It podcast. "Dr. Fratkin, in a warm and reassuring manner, speaks warmly, yet frankly, of his experiences helping countless individuals and families make important and end-of-life decisions." Listen to the podcast here or at This Time I Mean It on the Community Access Project for Eureka website.

2008, 2018

End-of-Life Doula Training Event

I have always held that the work we do in support of people completing their lives is fundamentally non-medical. The irony is that it’s only this last 50-100 years in the West that such an idea is in any way provocative. A movement is emerging from outside the “normal” healthcare system that has been inspired by the traditional work of Doulas supporting and tending to birthing mothers and families. This rising interest in End-of-Life Doula training is inspiring to me. I am giving energy to building bridges between the medically-centered healthcare system and the people-centered End-of-Life Doula movement. [...]

106, 2018

Dell’Artians Work With Resolution Care

KHUM 6/1/18 "Each year Dell'Arte International students pair with nonprofits in the county to create something special. This year one of the groups paired with Resolution Care and they're performing TONIGHT at Synapsis!" Listen to Dell'Arte students Melanie Schauwecker and Alfredo Romero discuss their process creating "Voice the Journey: Honoring end-of-life experiences," to be performed June 1st, 2018 at 7pm at Synapsis Nova, 212 G St. in Eureka. You can hear the entire interview on KHUM.

2604, 2018

Delivering Palliative Care to Medicaid Patients in California

by Anne Kinderman, MD, and Kathleen Kerr, BA, at Palliative in Practice, A CAPC blog discussing pertinent issues across the full spectrum of palliative care, 4/23/18 "Understanding how the needs of the Medicaid population are distinct, and developing policy and care delivery strategies that address those needs, is critical to ensuring that all individuals have access to the right care, in the right setting, at the right time. In California, providers, payers, and policy leaders have adopted strategies for doing just that. ... "By tracking the needs of such patients and the possible/preferred methods of meeting those needs, the ResolutionCare team has [...]

2103, 2018

Palliative Care: A Better Life At The End Of Life

by David Shifrin at healthfurther.com, 3/21/18 “Fratkin’s goal is to help people understand and experience the naturalness of death and to complete their lives well. “ 'Everyone has the opportunity to heal up until the very last moments of their life and to come to terms with their life and to feel reconciled and to let go of some of the trauma and pain that they have. And that’s what inspires and motivates us, is to make sure that they’re comfortable […] work from the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy all the way up and take it as far as it’s [...]

902, 2018

A Fresh Model Of Home Care For The Chronically Ill, On KZYX Mendocino Works

An interview with Dr. Fratkin and Lynn Dress-Meadows by Jeffrey Parker on KZYX Mendocino Works "Restoring tradition, ResolutionCare and Mendocino Care Network return the center of care and support to the home by seeing patients only with house calls and virtual house calls. ResolutionCare extends access to specialty palliative care clinical services to people with serious illness in their homes through the innovative use of telemedicine technology, a nimble interdisciplinary team, and value-based payment models" Listen to the interview at KZYX.org

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