When I asked him how he felt about entering the closing stage of his life, this is what Manuel Santaella told me: “I was born dead.” Ninety-two years agoManuel Santaella in Venezuela, Manuel was born premature, blue, and underweight. The doctor didn’t expect him to survive the night.  

However, Manuel did survive, grow up, travel, make and lose fortunes, create a family, persevere through illness and injury, and now has attained a kind of spiritual peace and enlightenment.  My conversation with him about service, spirituality, mysticism, and mortality is called “Gratitude in the Midst of Suffering.” It aired on KMUD radio on April 2nd, as part of the Hospice Talk Show.  

Our conversation begins at minute 9:20.

The Hospice Talk Show is associated with our partner, Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, and we would like to thank them for hosting this interview.